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Tech giant IBM still showing age discrimination practices

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2022 | Discrimination |

Has the company you work for in Mississippi been accused of age discrimination? If the company has settled with the accusers yet still practices age discrimination, they’re not alone. Tech giant IBM appears to keep doing the same.

IBM’s pattern of age discrimination

IBM’s pattern of age discrimination came to light in 2018 when former employees accused the tech giant of deliberately trying to get rid of workers in their 40s and older and replacing them with millennials. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission determined two years later that IBM’s excuse that the layoffs were just coincidental did not withstand scrutiny. Numerous age discrimination lawsuits followed, with employees alleging that IBM also capped or withheld commissions associated with race, gender, or age discrimination. The company has systematically denied that it participates in age discrimination.

Nevertheless, IBM has settled many age discrimination lawsuits, yet others are still under litigation. However, some of the filings where either a verdict or a settlement has been reached have run into difficulties. One lawsuit alleging racial discrimination and wage theft was vacated on appeal. A settlement was reached on an age discrimination lawsuit in July 2022, but IBM has not yet paid the settlement. Some cases involving withheld sales commissions have been placed on hold so plaintiffs can be part of a class-action lawsuit.

What if I am a victim of discrimination in the workplace?

Workplace discrimination can take many forms that violate federal laws such as the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and several others. If you feel that you have suffered discrimination at your company, the key to filing a successful lawsuit is keeping detailed records of incidents that support your claim.

Establishing a pattern of systematic discrimination will make your claim stronger. Take time to build your case. You should note that once you file a lawsuit alleging discrimination, your employer cannot retaliate against you, as doing so also violates federal law.