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You Can’t Take It Anymore — DON’T QUIT YOUR JOB

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2017 | Employment Law |

Don’t Cost Yourself Your Damages and Claims

You are dealing with a really bad situation at work and have tried to work it out, but nothing is changing. You are frustrated and tired.  Quitting seems the easiest way out, but if you plan to pursue any claims against your employer for what’s happening, quitting is not the answer. Other than very few exceptions, quitting your job when you are claiming a hostile work environment due to discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or other unlawful conduct by your employer could cost you your claim and gives your employer the easy out of not having to deal with your complaints any longer. We hear daily how awful workplace situations are.  Our clients are subjected to increased scrutiny, possible adverse actions, and many other untold horrible stories.  But you just can’t quit if you want to try to pursue your claim against your employer for their actions.  In order to bring your claim, there are many different issues you must look at and consider.  Voluntarily leaving your job is one of those issues.  Employees who have complaints about discrimination, harassment or other forms of unlawful employer actions have to make those complaints known.  There may be internal reporting procedures to follow.  You may have to file an administrative charge or complaint.  But none of these things may matter if you quit. Quitting will affect your ability to claim damages.  If you quit your job or refuse a comparable job, then the employer can claim you are not entitled to any lost wages.  Quitting also limits your potential claims for any retaliation your employer might take against you for exercising your lawful right to complain about unlawful actions.  There may be other options besides quitting that could help you in your situation.  Before you take such a serious step, you should consult with an attorney about what to expect.

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