On March 9, 2020, our client signed an agreement with the VA Medical Center Memphis to settle her claims of disability discrimination, gender discrimination, and reprisal or retaliation for reporting discrimination and retaliation she experienced by then Acting Chief of Staff, Dr. Thomas Ferguson. Dr. Clara Finch Cruz was subjected to a request to step down due to her having breast cancer, followed by over a year of a hostile work environment, knowing that she would eventually be forced out of the VA, where she had worked for a long time. Dr. Finch Cruz worked diligently at her job, working hard to fix deficiencies in the Pathology and Laboratory Medical Service during her five years of employment with VAMC Memphis. Dr. Finch Cruz achieved excellent evaluations before she was finally terminated by the man that initially requested she step down from her job as Chief of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service due to her breast cancer diagnosis. Dr. Finch Cruz settled her case with the VAMC Memphis for $500,000.00. Dr. Finch Cruz is an admirable woman who was willing to fight for the injustice done to her. 

We are proud to have represented her in this fight. 

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