Train Accidents

Tennessee and Mississippi are major railroad corridors for pedestrian and freight traffic. Much of the railroad travels through rural areas with little signage to warn pedestrians and drivers off the tracks. The tracks remain easily accessible and yet not readily visible. As a result, residents are put at serious risk of an accident.

Johnson & Bennett is a Tennessee and Mississippi law firm that focuses on personal injury recovery. Our partners have an extensive history of handling complex, high-stakes train accident claims against big railroad corporations. Our lawyers have the skills and knowledge to pursue recovery from Amtrak, CSX, Canadian National (CN), Burlington northern Santa Fe (BNSF) and the other national and international railroads that pass through our region.

Injury While Trespassing on the Tracks

Railroads have a duty to you even if you were not supposed to be on the railroad tracks. These companies are not relieved of their obligations by claiming you were trespassing. The company knows that pedestrians cross over its tracks and has a duty to warn you about harmful conditions or to block off access to the tracks altogether.

The company may be held liable for injuries resulting from:

  • Speeding trains that may not provide warning along an unpopulated segment
  • Sharp metal and wooden splinters that can cause deep lacerations and wounds
  • Trip hazards resulting from raised, unmarked railroad tracks
  • Injuries to children who are drawn to the tracks as an attractive nuisance

Railroad Crossings

Rural roads crisscross over the tracks in various locations, often with little obvious markings or signals. The railroad has a duty to make these crossings easy to identify and to deliver adequate warning of an approaching train. Instead, railroad companies often neglect these areas by:

  • Not installing and maintaining working railroad crossing gates
  • Not installing loud alert bells and flashing lights to warn of approaching trains
  • Not blowing the horn of the train to announce its arrival
  • Not slowing down the train to accommodate pedestrian and traffic crossings
  • Not posting signs, especially at hard to see crossings and around bends
  • Allowing vegetation to hide signs and warning gates
  • Failing to give enough notice of a passing train

Hold the Railroad Corporation Accountable for Your Train or Track Related Injuries

Learn more about the liability of the railroad corporation for your injuries. Your case evaluation with Johnson & Bennett is free. Also, our Tennessee and Mississippi train accident attorneys handle your claim on contingency. This means you are not billed for lawyers’ fees until we recover damages in a verdict or settlement. For your convenience, our lawyers can schedule evening and weekend appointments and we can visit you at the hospital or in your home. Our 12 hours response guarantee gives you quick access to your lawyer to ask questions and receive regular case updates.

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