Slip and Fall Accidents

When you enter a store, office building, entertainment complex, sports arena or any other structure, you generally feel secure and safe. Your sense of safety is grounded in the owner’s duty to you to keep the property in good condition. An owner that fails to uphold his or her responsibilities may be held liable for your injuries.

Johnson & Bennett concentrates our practice on personal injury recovery in West Tennessee and Northern Mississippi. Our lawyers can help you recover damages after a slip, trip or fall that resulted in a herniated disk, sprained wrist, dislocated broken arm, brain damage, face injuries or other injuries.

Proving Premises Liability

The level of duty the property owner has depends upon its relationship to you. The highest duty is owed to an invitee, a person who is expressly invited onto property that is open to the public. For example, you may be invited to enter a commercial business as a customer or a client, possibly via an advertisement, a sales agent, signage or social media.

The commercial property owner has a duty to:

  • Keep the property in good condition  
  • Inspect the property for hidden dangers
  • Warn you of dangers that cannot be immediately repaired

A property owner owes a social guest, called a licensee, a lesser duty of care, but must still maintain a safe premises and warn guests about hidden dangers. Even a trespasser is owed a duty of care, but only to warn of deadly conditions, if the property owner is aware of the trespassing person.

Property Defects and Dangerous Conditions

The property owner may be liable for any condition that could cause harm to people visiting the premises. Dangerous conditions include:

  • Spilled liquids in a grocery aisle
  • Overstocked shelves from which a heavy item might fall
  • Cracked or uneven floor tile or sidewalk
  • Broken railing or stairway steps
  • Snow, ice or water on slippery surfaces
  • Exposed electrical wiring
  • Poor lighting in parking lots and entranceways
  • Security breaches, such as inadequate security guards

Preserving Evidence

Whether to protect other customers or to mitigate damages, business owners often clean up quickly after an accident. Important evidence is thus destroyed unless you act decisively. Our lawyers suggest:

  • Immediately report the accident to a store manager or owner
  • Take photographs of the dangerous condition
  • Gather names and telephone numbers of people who witnessed the accident
  • Take note of whether you see video surveillance cameras in the area
  • Call our attorneys to discuss your case at a free case evaluation

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To learn more about your rights under premises liability laws, schedule your free case evaluation with Johnson & Bennett. Our Tennessee and Mississippi premises liability attorneys explain your rights and options after your slip and fall. Our contingency fee policy means you only pay us lawyers’ fees if we recover damages. We can visit you at your home or the hospital and can schedule after hour appointments. We guarantee a response within 12 hours.

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