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You give your labor, your time and your skills to your job. You have the right to expect fair treatment and fair pay. This is not only a matter of ethics, but also an issue of law. Your employer has certain duties to you under federal and state legislation and, if it fails to comply, you may have a right to recovery.

Johnson & Bennett advocates for workers. Our partners have an extensive history of reaching six and seven figure verdicts and settlements in cases involving discrimination, harassment, medical leave violations, and retaliation resulting in a wrongful termination.*

We understand the frustration and fear that accompanies unfairly losing your job, being denied your fair wages or being harassed or discriminated against. You may face financial distress caused by reduced or lost wages. Your career may be derailed. You also may feel humiliation, anger and heartbreak associated with the unsettling events.

Take the first step to reach justice and recover the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys empower you to take action. We remain by your side throughout your case to protect your rights and reach a positive resolution to your claim.

What We Can Do for You

Johnson & Bennett handles a wide scope of employment law claims in Tennessee and Mississippi. We can help you with your claim involving:

  • Discrimination. Your employer is prohibited from discriminating against you on the basis of gender, pregnancy, race, nationality, religion, disability, age or genetic information. Our firm advocates for your rights to be judged by your skills, knowledge, hard work and ethics, not by arbitrary discriminatory qualities.
  • Overtime Law. Your employer may be required to pay you one and one-half times your wages for hours worked beyond 40 in a workweek. Our lawyers pursue back pay, job reinstatement and other monetary remedies for violations of wage and hour laws.
  • Retaliation. Your employer is forbidden from taking such adverse actions as firing, failing to promote, refusing to hire, assigning undesirable shifts and cutting pay to punish you for reporting wrongdoing or cooperating in an investigation or EEOC proceeding. Our legal team holds your employer accountable for retaliating against you for doing what is right and lawful.
  • Sexual Harassment. You have the right to work at a place that is free from sexually offensive conduct, unwanted sexual advances and sexually explicit comments and behavior that affect your job or create a hostile work environment. Our attorneys help put an end to the harassment and recover the damages you deserve.
  • Wrongful Termination. Although your employer is entitled to terminate your job without cause, it is not allowed to do so based upon discrimination, retaliation, or other unlawful reasons. We demand justice from the employer that tried to intimidate you and unfairly put you out of a job.

Protect Your Rights to a Fair Workplace

For help with your workplace issues, schedule an appointment with Johnson & Bennett. Your case evaluation is free and we represent most clients on contingency, meaning you pay no attorneys’ fees until we recover monetary damages.  Some claims involve recovery of equitable or non-monetary relief, such as reinstatement, a promotion, or similar type of recovery.  These claims are handled on a hourly basis. To make ourselves readily available to you, our Tennessee and Mississippi employment law attorneys can schedule appointments after hours, as needed, and we work hard to ensure a timely answer to your phone call or email.

*Disclaimer: Results are not typical.

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